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The Lightkeeper's Kitchen will be open June to late-October, 2024. We are a very casual dining experience that is a must if you are anywhere near Advocate Harbour. We offer home cooked, no deep fryer types of fare, we locally source as much as we can from the natural surrounding area including our garden, local fishers and farmers.

We are a fully liceneced dining establishment as well, so come on down.

Please call or text ahead for reservations at 1-902-670-8314 or email at as our hours are very season specific, which means, they change at the drop of a hat. So, please contact us and either talk to a real live person or receive an email or text back as we want to make sure that we do not miss you. Again, I cannot stress this enough, if you have not talked to a real person or had a confirmation verbally, by text or email, you do NOT have a reservation. So if you leave a message saying "we are a table of 6 and are at the top of the hill" chances are you will be met with resistance as we are a really small establishment and unplanned bigger groups can be overwhelming, so, plan ahead people.

Breakfast is normally served between 8-9 and is always available to the overnight guests.Cost will be anywhere from $15 - $20 depending on what is being offered that morning. That being said, if you find yourself down the hill and a bit peckish while we are serving breaky, pop your head in, and say "Hey" I am sure we can accommodate something for you.

We have been closed for lunches since the pandemic but are throwing the idea of opening up again during the midday hours but will decide to do this as the summer months approach, please keep checking back to discover where we're at with all this, regardless, there are still a few places to eat in the village of Advocate Harbour at the foot of our Cape. .

Supper is usually served between 6 and 9 pm, which in the summer months is probably sunset time, so let's go with 9 (ish). We do a $65.00 set menu that includes an appetizer, a main course and a dessert and there are usually a few choices of each component to choose from, so variation and dietary issues should not be a problem. Again, calling ahead or contacting us is paramount, with regards to time as well as dietary concerns.

We are kid friendly, so, that means bring the whole family even the fussy 7 year old, pasta with butter? Kids love grapes! Grilled Cheese sandwiches.